In Case of Emergency

If a child has severe symptoms of lead poisoning, such as vomiting or seizures, get immediate help by calling 911.  If a child is suspected of being exposed to lead, make an appointment with the child's health care provider or county health department to have a blood test done.

Applications for Homeowners

Interested in making your home lead-safe? 

Your household may qualify for affordable or even free lead removal. 



City of Grand Rapids 

How to Apply

Call Healthy Homes Coalition at (616) 241-3300 or complete this intake form and email it to If you would like to get started on your application package, it can be downloaded here.


Outside the City of Grand Rapids 

State of Michigan

Lead Safe Home Program

(866) 691-5323 

Download the State of Michigan Lead Hazard Reduction Program Application


City of Wyoming

Homeowner Housing Rehabilitation Program

(616) 530-7266

View Wyoming Homeowner Housing Rehab Program Details


Kent County 

Housing Rehabilitation Program 

(616) 632-7410 

Download the Kent County Housing Rehabilitation Pre-Application


Muskegon County

Lead Hazard Reduction Program

(231) 724-1259 

Download the Muskegon County Lead Hazard Reduction Program Application

Did You Know...

Childhood lead poisoning causes irreversible brain damage, but is 100% preventable!

News & Events

Lead Poisoning Rate Rises for Second Year in a Row in Kent County

After a decade of decline, the number of lead-poisoned children in Kent County has risen for the second year in a row. Recent data released by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) shows a 40 percent increase in lead-poisoned children in the 49507 zip code during the past two years.

According to the data, 617 Kent County children had elevated blood-lead levels in 2016 – the most recent year for which data is available.

Parents Meet to Discuss Rising Lead Poisoning Rates in 49507

Why lead poisoning is on the rise in Kent County, and particularly in Grand Rapids – and what can be done about it – was the subject of discussion and debate at the Oct. 30 event held at Dickinson Academy on Grand Rapids’ southeast side.

When Grand Rapids resident LyRee Adams’ young daughter tested positive for lead a decade ago, she later learned the poisoning likely occurred from lead-based paint flaking from windows in the home she was renting. She immediately got appropriate medical care for her daughter before the child was permanently harmed – and Adams also went directly to her landlord and worked with him to get the lead hazard out of the home.

Kent County Lead Poisoning Task Force Work Continues

The 16-member Kent County Lead Poisoning task force continues to meet to investigate ways in which the County can work towards elimination of lead poisoning