Get the Lead Out! Steering Committee Making Headway


A Steering Committee was formed to help guide the work of the Get the Lead Out! Collaborative following the group's meeting in January. The Steering Committee has met twice since then and is working toward a larger, more impactful gathering in the future.
It became clear to the group that no family should have to make the choice between having a safe home and having no home at all. Grand Rapids can aim for a higher standard for the safety of our children. While this will be daunting in a tight housing market, our kids deserve no less.
The committee is looking at the best way to bring systems together. Kent County has witnessed a wonderful example of realigning a system for increased effectiveness and impact in First Steps and the early childhood system. How can that kind of realignment be achieved with multiple systems -- housing, health, and early childhood?
The Steering Committee is working on ways that it can keep partners informed and expand collaboration. How can we do this work with less attribution, more collaboration, and more impact? The committee is working towards a future convening where we can begin to answer those questions.
Steering Committee members are:

  • Dr. Ken Fawcett, Spectrume Health
  • Brian Hartl, Kent County Health Department
  • Commissoner Joe Jones, Grand Rapids Urban League
  • Annemarie Valdez, First Steps
  • Betty Zylstra, The Salvation Army